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Track Title: Tribal Council

Category: Lyrics

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Published: 2023

Indie Tribe – Tribal Council

[Intro: Chelsea Phillips & indie tribe]
Woah, woah, woah, woah
Hickory Dickory Dock
Dyl let the tippity top (Dyllie)
Bible verse in your bio
But [?]

[Verse 1: nobigdyl., indie tribe, & Mogli The Iceburg]
I could probably flex like
Where are all the rappers that you shed hype?
Nowhere to be found and now my set like
Hold the culture down they told me talk like I was [?]
Resurrect the tribe just like I meant fife (Wait, wait, wait)
You boys need to meditate instead of fake
Celebrate on IG
Depression make you medicate with [?]
But what’s that in yo’ IV
And here I’m sendin’ shots like
Rocking to yo’ body
Before you overdosed I rope-a-dope like I was Ali
Verses meant the don’t just check the method man
Indie tribe forever you are not a distant second hand
Got the Holy Ghost it’s holy smoke you catchin’ second hand
And I spent yo’ [?] on my wedding band (Oh my Go-)
But I would never flex like that
And any time I do I just repent and get right back (True)
Competitive like that
The scripture is a sedative like that
I’m set on the right track
I’m destined to fight back
We don’t wrestle like it’s flesh and blood
She say won’t he do it I say
Yes he does
Couldn’t care less if you covered in what I’m comin’ with
Covered in the blood because He blessed me ’cause

[Verse 2: Mogli the Iceburg & indie tribe]
Woah, woah, woah, woah
Shoutout to these relatable rappers
That’s gettin’ screwed by yo’ contract
That simple read a legal fee
And you never signed that (Who want that)
I’m sick of all the ignorant cappin’
Man I seen those [?]
You got some strings, but your royalties they don’t exist
And now you nervous ’cause you don’t know how to feed your kids
[?] canceled couldn’t people sit
Indie Tribe is showing all the light (To where hip hop lives)
Man I might be the net shoot knight
I feel Nike
My mind said it’s to move ahead of you suckers
I’m writing algorithms