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Track Title: Imo Nguvu

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Published: 2023

Neema Gospel Choir Imo Nguvu mp3 download

Gospel music phenomenally enormous singer Neema Gospel Choir drops in a  new track titled “Imo Nguvu”.

This track has wonderfully been a blessing to the body of Christ, Kindly get the file below and share.

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Lyrics: Imo Nguvu – Neema Gospel Choir

Tumeitwa kukutangaza Yesu
We’ve been called to proclaim your name Jesus
Tumeitwa kukuhubiri Yesu
We’ve been called to preach about you Jesus
Tumeitwa kukutumikia
We’ve been called to serve you
Neno lako lienee
to spread your word

Imo nguvu
there’s power
Katika neno lako
in your word

Ishara hizi zitafuatana nasi
And these signs will accompany us
Sisi tunaoliamini jina lako
Who believe in your name

Kwa jina lako wagonjwa wanapona
In your name the sick get healed
Waliofungwa wanafunguliwa nawe Bwana
You set free the captives

Bwana kwa nguvu zako Hatutadhurika
Lord by your power we’ll not be harmed
kwa vitu vya kufisha
with deadly poisons
(kwa vitu vya kufisha)
(with deadly poisons)
we’ll never be harmed

Bwana kwa roho wako
Lord by your Holly spirit
Tutasema kwa lugha mpya
We’ll speak in new tongues
Lugha mpya
New tongues

Oooh Bwana, Oooh Bwana
Oooh Lord,Oooh Lord

We’ll never be harmed
Kwa vitu vya kufisha
With deadly poisons
We’ll never be harmed