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Track Title: Popfunko By

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Published: 2023

Popfunko By Indie Tribe


[Chorus: nobigdyl.]
I ain’t gon’ stop ’til they turn me to a pop (Get my dreads right)
Dyllie turn the beat into a bop (Get my steps right)
Baby girl holy and she hot (She hot yeah)
Only time I’m cuffing like a cop
Look, Dyllie made a holy bop
Soli Deo Gloria
Like a roly I don’t stop
On my grind, Tony Hawk
Like my hair, got a lot
I’m a bear, Goldilocks
Wrote it down in ten flat
That’s a throwaway or not

[Outro: DJ Mykael V]
Ayo, somebody make sure that we exclusive special edition only pops aight?
We need to be available in all the stores but at limited quantities aight?
You know me, I got to have the yankee fit with the throwback
And make sure we all got the fear God’s on aight?
Listen make sure Dyllie’s dreads is tight, and I need Mogli’s beard lookin’ sharp
And make sure that Jon’s is extra skinny with the ring on the left hand, you heard?